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LFG, AD&D anyone?

I have been interested in playing some old AD&D for a while now. I do love 3.5, pathfinder and 5e, and I sortof like 4e as well, but I find myself longing for adventuring where death is a true and proper risk, where 0 hp doesn't mean roll tons of saving throws and survive at the end (or in the case of 4e: taking a minor break). I haven't played it before, but I understand the rules, I understand ThAC0, and I understand just how pitiful a mage is at lvl 1. So of course I would love to give that a try if there's anyone hosting a game like that, or thinking about hosting a game like that. The rules I know of is prolly from 2nd edition. I have played Baldur's Gate, Icewind dale and those games, and I do understand what each number mean and what it does and how it differs from newer systems. I am pretty sure Baldur's gate uses AD&D 2e? My avaliability is pretty much whenever except for saturdays & sundays evening, in a swedish timezone (GMT+2). I mean, I could probably make these american games that would start at midnight, my time, but I would prefer something a bit more manageable. Looking forward to trying not to die!
Hi  your post just hit as i was about ot advertise for a player for my 2e group. Group has been around for about 1 yr. it has 6 players looking for a 7th. Played Mondays 7pm UK time.  I would love to promice you a riskof death and the group has come close but by luck none have died over the time. PC are around level 7 dependant on class as 2e has different xp dependant on class.