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Possible suggestions for Lancer crit macro

Marketplace Creator
I'm a GM for a Lancer group and I'm attempting to streamline the dice rolling as much as possible to save time as they are fathers with kids and jobs. As such, Lancer's way of working out crits (on a general attack roll of 20 or higher, roll damage dice twice, pick highest results) isn't automatically calculated by the sheets. My current work around is that we use an external character sheet program and use a basic attack roll which has buttons integrated to macros that they can put in damage dice separately so they don't have to worry about formula and makes it neat and tidy. The normal damage macro looks like this: &{template:lancer}{{color=red}}{{name=Damage}}{{Damage=[[?{Weapon's base damage(include + number here)|}]]}} {{Bonus Damage=[[?{Bonus Damage (leave as 0 if there is none)|0}]]}} Crits are incredibly messy though: &{template:lancer}{{color=red}}{{name=CRITICAL Damage}}{{Damage=[[?{Weapon's base damage dice x2 (add dice formula, not flat numbers, EG. if 2d6+2, type 4d6)|0}kh?{Original number of base damage dice (EG. if weapon does 2d6 on a normal hit, type 2)|0}+?{Any flat additional damage that is after a + (EG. if 2d6+4, type 4 here. Leave as zero if there is no + number)|0}]]}} {{Bonus Damage=[[?{Any bonus damage dice x2 (as before,add dice formula only. Leave as zero if you have no bonus damage)|0}kh?{Original number of bonus damage dice (EG. if 2d6, type 2. Leave as zero if you have no bonus damage)|0}]]}}  Basically I want to make a macro that is as easy to add numbers to as the basic damage one, that will automatically double the dice you put in so that they don't even have to pause to think. That way I can also set up custom macros for all their attacks that work so I can streamline it further. Any suggestions?

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Sheet Author
If just the dice are doubled you can write [[2*?{query for dice amount}]]d6+const. And you can reuse queries. It will retain the value typed in the first one.

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Marketplace Creator
.Hell said: If just the dice are doubled you can write [[2*?{query for dice amount}]]d6+const. And you can reuse queries. It will retain the value typed in the first one. &{template:lancer}{{color=red}}{{name=Damage}}{{Damage=[[2*?{Weapon's base damage dice}d?{number of sides}kh?{Weapon's base damage dice|}]]}} This what you meant? I'm sorry I'm unsure of what you mean, given that this thing I cooked up didn't work. Also I could not make heads or tales of reusing queries, even with reading the instructions. In case my own instructions weren't clear on how crit damage is calculated - if a weapon does 2d6+2 damage and the player's attack roll is a dirty 20+ they roll 4d6 but keep the highest two rolls. NEVER MIND WORKED IT OUT THANKYOU!