Fetch FILE LOCATION:   My Personal Repo  or the 1-click installer META SCRIPT:  This script is a meta-script, and part of the  ZeroFrame Meta Toolbox . It can be used on its own, or in conjunction with ZeroFrame and the other meta-toolbox scripts, to modify  other  scripts' API commands. ABSTRACT:  Fetch provides a standardized way to retrieve sheet or token items, including token items not previously exposed to the chat interface (like the current side of a multi-sided token), and repeating elements. In addition, Fetch improves on the standard Roll20 sheet retrieval syntax by allowing you to specify a default value if the item does not exist (instead of erroring to chat). PREVIOUS THREAD(S): Thread 1 Version 1.0.9 Released October 5, 2021 ADDED : New token and character retrieval keywords Update Notes New Keywords The following keywords were added as returnable items from a TOKEN : NEW PROPERTY EXAMPLE REFERENCES imgsrc_short @(selected.imgsrc_short) The token's source image, leaving off everything after the '?', returning just the workable image URL. tooltip @(selected.tooltip) Returns the token's tooltip text. show_tooltip @(selected.show_tooltip) Returns the toggle status for whether the tooltip should be shown. NOTE: currently the status of this property is not accurately reported to the API when a change is made in the UI. This is a bug that Roll20 will have to address. The following keywords were added as returnable items from a CHARACTER : NEW PROPERTY EXAMPLE REFERENCES inplayerjournals_name @(selected.inplayerjournals_name) Returns the names for the players listed in the "In Players Journals" property inplayerjournals_names @(Bob the Hirsute.inplayerjournals_names) Same Again, the show_tooltip property of a token does not currently report accurately in the Roll20 API. If a user updates the toggle from off (false) to on (true), the API will still see it as off (false). This is a bug that the Roll20 devs will have to address.