SelectManager FILES:  Submitted to 1-click (until then,  find it in my Repo ) ABSTRACT: SelectManager is a way to preserve the portions of a message that are present in a user-generated message but lost in an api-generated message (the selected tokens, who sent the message, and the playerid). The previous version of this script required the script developer to “opt-in” to use these features, but as of release v0.0.5 also lets the user take control. With the new version, you can choose to “auto-insert” any or all of the properties into your downstream messages (those initiated by the API). It also includes a forselected handle that can issue a call to another script while iterating over the selected tokens. This can be handy if you want to send unique command lines for each based on pieces of information drawn from each token individually (ie, renaming tokens to have slightly different names). PREVIOUS THREADS: Do to inactivity on the previous thread, I had to start this one. If you need more information about the syntax of this script, you can read more at the below locations. Thread 1 Version 1.0.9 Released (Updated at Original Link and pending One-Click) Relase Date: Oct 6, 2021 ADDED : New index representation for downstream commands sent by the forselected handle Update Notes The forselected handle sends a designated command line out for each token in the set of those selected. With this update, you can now include a unique counter in each individual command line by using the construct: {&i} That will substitute into the command line the index of the currently selected token wherever that syntax structure is detected. This index will be 0-based (meaning the first token in the series -- and therefore the first substitution -- will be numbered 0). You can operate at a given offset, by including +/- with a number: {& i + 1} That would make the series 1-based. {&i - 5} That would start the numbering at -5, if you needed to. EXAMPLE #1 Here is a way to rename mook tokens with a number attached to their name: !forselected token-mod --set name|"Bob {&i+1}" If you have 4 tokens selected when  you run that, it will name them "Bob 1", "Bob 2", "Bob 3", and "Bob 4". EXAMPLE #2 If you have a trickshot mechanic where every target after the first is at an increasing level of difficulty, you could mod your roll around which target this was in the series (below example uses the {&select} syntax structure to turn targeted tokens into virtually selected tokens, which we then iterate over): !forselected(^) {&template:default}{{name=Target {&i} - @^(selected.token_name)}}{{Roll to Hit= [^[1d20 + ({&i} * @{Kokoro|trickshot_mod})) ]^] }}{^&simple}{&select @{target|Target 1|token_id}, @{target|Target 2|token_id}, @{target|Target 3|token_id} } Note: this example requires ZeroFrame to output a standard message (non-API). We use the {&simple} syntax to accomplish this.