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Map assets all have vision... Any way to turn all of them off?

So I thought that UDL was completely borked for me, until I noticed that all the map assets on my maps have vision. I've now turned off that tokens automatically have vision, since I've found out that was the culprit. Now I have the issue that all my (very elaborate, multi-layer) maps have still have vision, and I need to change that. I tried a quick script fix from The Aaron from a previous post, but that was 3 years old and didn't work, so now I'm a little bit lost. Does anyone have a way to turn off vision from everything on a map? Since it's map assets, the "token" assets aren't tied to a sheet or anything, so it has to work with that. I don't mind if I have to move all the assets to Token Layer first, just that I can do them all at once, one map at a time.
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If you have some js ability, you might be able to adapt this script by the Aaron to UDL.

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Unfortunately I have no scripting abilities at all... I don't mind if everything loses vision, since that is easier (and far less time-consuming) to rectify than the map situation, but will it work for graphic on a map that isn't tied to a sheet? EDIT: I've just tried to make a copy of the game, adding that script, and it didn't work on the map assets unfortunately...
The Aaron
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Here's a version of that script that works with UDL: on('ready',()=>{ const playerCanControl = (obj, playerid='any') => { const playerInControlledByList = (list, playerid) => list.includes('all') || list.includes(playerid) || ('any'===playerid && list.length); let players = obj.get('controlledby') .split(/,/) .filter(s=>s.length); if(playerInControlledByList(players,playerid)){ return true; } if('' !== obj.get('represents') ) { players = (getObj('character',obj.get('represents')) || {get: function(){return '';} } ) .get('controlledby').split(/,/) .filter(s=>s.length); return playerInControlledByList(players,playerid); } return false; }; const setHasSightByClass = (args) => { let filter = () => true; switch(args.type.toLowerCase()){ default: case 'npcs': filter=(t)=> ! playerCanControl(t); break; case 'players': filter=(t)=> playerCanControl(t); break; case 'all': break; } let opts = { type: 'graphic', subtype: 'token' }; let setOpts = {}; let msgs = []; if(args.hasOwnProperty("value")){ setOpts.has_bright_light_vision = args.value; msgs.push(args.value?'Has Sight':'No Sight'); } if(args.hasOwnProperty("light") && false === args.light){ setOpts.light_radius = ""; setOpts.light_dimradius = ""; msgs.push("no light"); } if(setOpts.hasOwnProperty("has_bright_light_vision")) { opts.has_bright_light_vision = !setOpts.has_bright_light_vision; // only need to look at ones we would be changing =D } let tokens = findObjs(opts).filter(filter); let tokenCount = tokens.length; const burndown = () => { if(tokens.length) { let t = tokens.shift(); if(t) { t.set(setOpts); } setTimeout(burndown,0); } else { sendChat('',`/w gm Set ${tokenCount} token(s) to ${msgs.join(", ")}`); } }; burndown(); }; on('chat:message',(msg)=>{ if('api' === msg.type && /!set-has-sight\b/i.test(msg.content) && playerIsGM(msg.playerid)){ let args = msg.content.split(/\s+/).map(s=>s.toLowerCase()); let opts = { type: "npcs" }; if(args.includes('--npcs') || args.includes('--npc')){ opts.type = 'npcs'; } else if(args.includes('--pcs') || args.includes('--pc') || args.includes('--players') || args.includes('--player') ){ opts.type = 'players'; } else if(args.includes('--all') ){ opts.type = 'all'; } if(args.includes('--sight') || args.includes('--true') ) { opts.value = true; } else if( args.includes('--blind') || args.includes('--false') ) { opts.value = false; } if(args.includes('--no-light') ) { opts.light=false; } if(Object.keys(opts).length > 1){ setHasSightByClass(opts); } else { sendChat('',`/w gm Please specify one or more of --sight or --blind, and --no-light`); } } }); });
*Cries tears of joy* Aaron you're a godsent! This worked like a charm and has saved me countless hours of grief and frustration... Thank you so much! I've just subscribed to your Patreon, and will be doing so for the forseable future ;)
The Aaron
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No problem!  Thank you!