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Roll20 font issues since update?


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Since sometime last week, the main font on roll20 looks like this for me: I've tried both Chrome and Firefox, and it's not a matter of being zoomed in or out on the browser. Any idea what causes this?
Forum Champion
My thought is keep looking, look into OS settings. Mac or PC? Probably under Font related settings, could be under Accessibility, could be under Display/Monitor. Looks to me like some kind of text sharpening, anti-aliasing, "TrueText", "ClearText", "SharpText", or other feature like that is either turned ON or OFF, not the way you're used to.  Could be wrong, just a guess-idea to check around for.  Since you already checked browser-zoom.
Only thing I could find was ClearText, and it didn't make a difference. I also feel like it should be affecting a lot of different stuff other than roll20 if that was the case. Instead, it's only roll20 and only that certain font. The forum text here, for example, is fine.
I wish I knew the answer. On a Mac (Catalina OS) with Firefox 93.0, I get the font rendering correctly: This probably won't help, since both Chrome and Firefox are giving you trouble, but does the problem persist in an incognito/private window?
It looks like you're loading an Helvetica font, instead of falling back to Arial/sans-serif like the rest of us are. Specifically, it looks like the " Helvetica Neue " font which is used in-game, but not here on the forums. You can verify this through the dev console: On Chrome, right click a text element and choose Inspect . This should bring up the developer view. Make sure you're in the  Elements tab, then go to the Computed sub-tab (located underneath the the main tab bar somewhere) and scroll to its bottom. You should see the Rendered Fonts  section there with the font used and where it was loaded from. In my case it's Arial : Original answer on StackOverflow
Forum Champion
Did you all find the fix for it? Why would Ariel font (a common font anyway), fail to load on some people's browsers?
Helvetica Neue is prioritized ahead. It seems most of us don't have that font installed, so we fallback to Arial.