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FreeSub, DnD 5e and CharacterMancer / CharMancer?

Heyas everyone First off, I'm new here and allthough I'm "lazy", I do like TheoryCrafting (like a lot!). This said, I came aware of the CharacterMancer when I was joining sessions/games, which showed me that there were many more options than just the "Acolyte"-background or the "Life Domain"-specialization for clerics - which came with some already pre-defined bonuses (the lazy aspect). Question : What would I need to buy here to get the CharacterMancer available in my own game which I'll only use to pre-craft / preview possible character/s before joining games of others? Saying, if that has any influence (idk), I would not need to be able to "share" the CharacterMancer - as I'm not DM'ing. Thank you
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Because Roll20 can only legally freely provide content from the SRD.  Otherwise they would be in serious trouble with WotC.
That is why I asked what I need to buy to get the CharacterMancer. Which is allowed, obviously.

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As Kraynic says, all accounts have access to the free SRD content available from WotC. To access more official content, I would suggest the Player's Handbook , available in the Marketplace . That will get you all the basic classes, subclasses, races, etc. Note however, that you can pretty much type anything you want into a character sheet. All the Charactermancer does is automate the process and make paid content easy to input. Further books such as Xanathar's Guide to Everything and others can give you further options, and there are bundle deals , but the PHB is the best place to start.
Thank you KeithCurits. Yes I'm aware of the ability to manualy enter everything, thats why I introduced myself as "lazy" - less reading, more simple clicking. ;) Also that would require some (non-free) books to read - and thus know about all these options (or common grounds, established examples, their limits, etc) and since I know I'll be spending some hours here, I want/ed to support Roll20 at least a little bit. But I just was not sure, wether I need the PHB or a DM guide, or a pro subscription, or .... /solved
To have the full contents of 5th Edition DnD character creation, the main three you'd need is: The Players Handbook Xanathar's Guide to Everything Tasha's Cauldron of Everything