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5 New Paizo Products on Roll20 Today!

Emily Floyd
Roll20 Team
Happy Paizodrop Day everyone! Today we’re ecstatic to announce 5 - count ‘em, FIVE - new releases from Paizo launching in sync on Roll20.  That is a LOT of releases, so I’m keeping the descriptions short and sweet this time. I encourage you to check out the respective Marketplace product pages to learn more about each title! For Starfinder: Liberation of Locus-1  New for Starfinder players, this is a rich 4th-level adventure that can be played across multiple sessions. Aliens! Androids! Adventure! What more could you ask for? This release on Roll20 includes an adventure Module for diving right into the action, a Compendium Expansion for web browsing and in-app drag-and-drop, and a Character Art Pack with custom-built tokens featuring original art from the book. For Pathfinder Second Edition: Strength of Thousands Adventure Path #3: Hurricane's Howl The next up in the 6-part monthly adventure path series for Pathfinder 2, which takes your players from magic academy students to heroes of the world. This release on Roll20 contains an Addon, so you can drop it right into your ongoing Adventure Path play, and a Compendium Expansion. Strength of Thousands Adventure Path #4: Secrets of the Temple-City That’s right, the next continuation of the Strength of Thousands adventure path is ready for you to grab, so your epic adventure can keep rolling! This release on Roll20 contains an Addon, so you can drop it right into your ongoing Adventure Path play, and a Compendium Expansion. Guns & Gears Firearms and fantasy collide in this latest rulebook for Pathfinder 2, which is chock-full of new classes, ancestries, archetypes, and more! The Roll20 release of this title contains a Compendium Expansion and a Character Art Pack. Lost Omens: Grand Bazaar Who’s ready for a SHOPPING EPISODE? This book is bursting with shops, shopkeepers, and hundreds of magical items, ready to enrich your players’ town time. Perfect for a Lost Omens campaign! This release on Roll20 contains a Compendium Expansion and a Character Art Pack. For all of the above releases, as always, we’ve done the prep work for you - each title is fully integrated into the Roll20 VTT, ready to drop into your sessions from Day 1! We’re thrilled to keep supporting the Paizo community and look forward to more announcements to come soon. And yes, ALL of the above titles are available via PaizoConnect API if you have your Roll20 account sync active! As always, if you have any questions about these releases, please let us know and we’ll do our best to help!

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This is amazing! Thank you for your ongoing support of PF2 and SF.  Any chance we will see Abomination Vaults AP some time in the future?
I know that Night of Gray Death isn't up (and may not be anytime soon), but do you know if the Flip-Mat for Night of Gray Death will be up?

Edited 1634236417
Thanks Roll20 for the great new push for Paizo products and I bet we will see player and games run here uptick in the third and or 4th quarterly report when they come out!!! Any word yet on the revamped Kingmaker for PF II out in April 2022 and Bloodlords AP due out at GENCON yet?  And any of the backlogged books and AP's from Starfinder to please? Thanks Tom PS all of these worked for the Paizo account so GREAT job there as well!!
Awesome Thank!