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Monster Hit Die either not rolling or getting the same number

During the morning I was setting up an area and noticed midway through the npc hit die started consistently getting the same number and now new tokens I make don't roll anything. I didn't have any issues until around noon. I don't have any attribute attached to bar3 and have tried turning off AuraTint/HealthColor as well. Is anyone else having this issue or know a possible fix? After a couple hours looking online I saw someone mentioned theirs kind of fixed itself so hoping that this might since I can't think of anything reason why it stopped.  Ex: Rug of Smothering is 33(6d10) but always gets 43hp.       Assigned Cockatrice a new token and it no longer rolls. 27(6d6+6). Was getting 27 every time after issue started.
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
Hmm. Are you using the DnD5e by Roll20 sheet?  Try disabling g the character sheet api script and see if that lets it work. 
I'm using the D&D 5e by roll20. I've tried the MHD API settings at default then also tried adding npc_hpformula to the hit die attribute and checking/unchecking the srd embedded formula. Also disabling everything but MHD an then re applying it. Then disable then renabled it. Here are the token stats and api settings im using. Im unsure if you mean disable the health color api (which was one) or if the character sheet api is an option im unaware of.

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Realized i can change the settings to custom and its works. edit. Also thank you for the reply.
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter