Prepare for the adventure of two lifetimes! The ultimate challenge has finally arrived...a mammoth dungeon unlike any other! And leaving the dungeon to take a well-earned rest in the city has never felt like this before: enter a city of depth, a city of intrigue,...a city of danger! You thought you had it hard dealing with nasty creatures living in the dark? Wait until you see what you encounter on these sunny streets! It's the city you might never want to leave ― or maybe you'll just be lost forever in its labyrinthine web. This is The World's Largest Campaign ― as in a mashup of The World's Largest Dungeon and The World's Largest City adventure modules from AEG, but with a twist: the game world is inside of a video game where you win or you die. It is a massive self-aware fantasy setting. You will have to contend with rival adventuring parties, outsmart adversarial AI, and figure out how to beat the system. Do you have what it takes to clear the game and win back your freedom? <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> #DM: Scott V. #Date: October 20th, Wednesday, (the campaign is every other Wednesday) #Time: 11:30am CDT/4:30pm UTC (players from any time zone are welcome, but start time will adjust for DST after 11/7) #Levels: Level 1, this is a long term 1-20 campaign #Gameplay: The gameplay will shift back and forth between a dungeon crawl exploration setting and a social urban setting. Content should be more or less PG-13. #Edition: Pathfinder 1e + with 3.5 D&amp;D compatibility (3.P) #Platform: Microphone required for voice, camera optional #Players: 5 max (3 seats are filled, only 2 seats available!) #Pay-for-Play: $20/player session This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $20 per session via SPG. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.