I have some issues with GroupCheck API. (url:  [Script] groupCheck - Roll checks, saves, et cetera for many tokens at once ) Issue: In the middle of the session, the macro used by the Group Check API stopped adding modifiers to the throws. I tried to fix it, but I made it worse. Can you help me? Version of the API and Macro used: Im using Latest version of the API (1,12)  macro that was used (and work until recently): !group-check {{ --?{Ability Save|Strength,Strength Save|Dexterity,Dexterity Save|Constitution,Constitution Save|Intelligence,Intelligence Save|Wisdom,Wisdom Save|Charisma,Charisma Save} --ro ?{Roll Type|Normal,roll1|Advantage,adv|Disadvantage,dis} --process --subheader vs DC ?{DC} --button ApplyDamage !apply-damage ~dmg [[?{Damage|0}]] ~type ?{Damage on Save|Half,half|None,none} ~DC ?{DC} ~saves RESULTS(,) ~ids IDS(,) ~status ?{Status| None, | Red,red| Blue,blue| Green,green| Orange,orange| Purple,purple| Pink,pink| Yellow,yellow| ―, | Blinded,Blinded| Charmed,Fascinated| Confused,Confused| Deafened,Deafened| Frightend,Fear_Any| Grappled,Grappled| Invisible,Invisible| Incapacitated,Incapacitated| Paralyzed,Paralyzed| Petrified,Petrified| Poisoned,Poisoned| Prone,Prone| Restrained,Entangled| Stunned,Stunned| Unconscious,Unconscious| Disadvantage,Disadvantage| Baned,Baned| Compelled Duel,Compelled_Duel| Exhausted,Helpless| Faerie Fire,Highlighted| Hex,Curse_Any| Hexblades Curse,Hexblades_Curse| Marked,Pinned| Madness,Dazzled| Posessed,Diseased| Slowed,Slowed} }} If there is already forum for this issue, I´m sorry, I must overlooked it when i was searching  Thank you.  Kind regards.