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A Dummy's Guide to the Observer API

Oh, did you think I was writing one? No. I'm living it. I'm the dummy. I'm doing something wrong. Hopefully someone can help me figure out what to do. Here's what I am doing and what I would like to achieve. 1. In the game where I GM, I add a new player who is a dummy account I create. That dummy account runs roll20 in a different browser while I GM with my usual account in my first browser. For the sake of argument, I'm GMing on Chrome, and I'm Dummy Accounting on Firefox. 2. I would like to broadcast the Observer view (via AppleTV) to my TV screen. My other players, all in the room with me, can look up from their laptops to see the full view on the TV. 3. In order to do that, I create a new character with that new dummy account. And I give that character a token, presumably... and then I tell Observer that "this player account is the Observer" via !observer --add Dummy Account. First question-- is that right? Should I be adding ALL of my players as Observers? Or just this one player? 4. I pipe my Firefox window to my TV, because that's the one people should be looking up at. 5. I don't have to mess with dynamic lighting properties on the Observer token because... it just sort of has them via the API? Or.... ? 6. I set Initiative Restriction to ON. My hope is that during regular play, if my players look up at the TV, they will see a group view determined by.... the Observer token? Or am I wrong on that? And then during initiative, they will only see the view of the person whose turn it is in the order. Correct? Thanks for helping the Dummy! :)
It looks like you are correct on those points. Unfortunately if you are using UDL there is a bug that does not properly update vision settings, so Observer is not functioning currently.  This has to do with #5: the Observer script will recognize that a player is the 'observer' and will update that player's Edit and Control access to be only whichever character is currently at the top of the turn order.  If the top of the turn order is an NPC (not controlled by any other players) then it'll give the observer control of all the characters that are controlled by characters. But when the Edit and Control access is changed for a character, the player's vision settings are not changed as well.  This is the same or a related bug to how sometimes a player cannot see anything on a page until their token is moved.
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
What Jarren said.  It's super frustrating because it makes UDL very, very broken for API scripts. =(
Ack! Looks like I'll give it a try with LDL. Bummer! I was really enjoying UDL to be sure...