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Apply Damage with Advantage to damage types

Hi everyone, did you ever had the Situation using GroupCheck and Aply damage and then realize that the NPCs have Resistance to that damage type so getting Half or quater or Vulnerable to get Double/Half damage instead of Full/half? And that you might want to Display a group of checks but have hidden Monster that should be rolled hidden? Here is a Apply Damage Fork Code to handle both, together with my Macro.: CODE !group-check {{ --?{Hidden?|no,public|yes,whisper} --?{Ability Save|Strength,Strength Save|Dexterity,Dexterity Save|Constitution,Constitution Save|Intelligence,Intelligence Save|Wisdom,Wisdom Save|Charisma,Charisma Save} --ro ?{Roll Type|Normal,roll1|Advantage,adv|Disadvantage,dis} --process --subheader vs DC ?{DC} --button ApplyDamage !apply-damage ~dmg [[?{Damage|0}]] ~type ?{Damage on Save|Half,half|None,none} ~DC ?{DC} ~saves RESULTS(,) ~ids IDS(,) ~def ?{Type Adjustment|None,none|Resistance,resi|Vulnerable,vuln} ~status ?{Status| None, | Red,red| Blue,blue| Green,green| Orange,orange| Purple,purple| Pink,pink| Yellow,yellow} }}
How does this resolve 1 of 5 creatures having advantage?  Do I have to do a seperate run for the advantage ones?
It still doesn't cover mixed Groups, but more than before. I am thinking about a mixed Solution. Have an Idea but no time yet.