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Share Scripts vs Transmogrify

A friend of mine over the years figured out how to code and made some WONDERFUL improvements to the game setting we use (Super Heroes).  I asked if I could transmogrify his wonderful decks, character sheets, etc.  HE said sure and made me a GM of the game. Sadly I discovered and read, one can only transmogrify games they themselves created. But looking here here it says share scripts and material.  So how can my friend shared his decks, character generator and sheets with me if we cant just simply transmogrify?
Sheet Author
I think this limitation is intentional to keep it from being real easy for distribution of copyright protected material (WotC, Paizo, Evil Hat, etc.). Character sheets shouldn't be an issue.  While you can't use the transmogrifier, you can still easily use the character vault to move things from that game to one of yours.  As long as you have edit permission, they should be available to import to your vault, and then export to one of your own games.  Then the transmogrifier will apply, since they would then be available in one of your games. If this is a custom sheet, then you should be able to use it just fine as long as your friend gives you the html and css files to plug in.  You just need to set the sheet for your game to Custom. If the character generator uses rollable tables, I think there is a script that can help with this.  I'm fairly certain I have read of one that can export/import rollable tables.  Hopefully someone else will post more about that, or you will be able to find it.  I've never used it, so no personal experience to share. Decks... you may have to rely on getting the images used from your friend and building them in one of your games.  Maybe someone else would know of an easier way to go about that, but I don't know of one.
Scott C.
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Your friend can share the scripts by simply copying the code out of the API page into a document to send you. They may already have this in a separate document depending on how much of it was coded by them. For the character sheets, if you mean a custom sheet then they can send you the HTML, CSS, and translation files to install into your own game's custom sheet editor. For the rest of it though, you'd need an API script to build the tables (Aaron's tableexport can help there), decks, and etc. I'm not aware of a script that does it all, but Aaron does have a deck builder script that I saw somewhere that could probably be of use for the card decks.
You can yoink the tables via table import/export script.  Decks however require some quota sharing which is going to be tedious.  The Aaron has a deck building script in the works that might be able to pull that off but he is just one man, even though a super hero, and has not yet finished it.  
Thank you for all the quick responses. I will let my old GM know and pass along the info.  Thank you very much for the help! Have a great evening everyone.