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[LFP] [D&D 5e] One player wanted for an ongoing homebrew campaign [Free as hell] [Sundays, european evening time]

So I am running a game of 5e and I'm currently looking for one more player. You have to excuse the brevity of this LFP post, since I am feeling so awkward typing these out. The setting is a homebrew world that I call Esteria, it has been ravaged by countless wars for ages, until a time around 200 years ago where the wars finally stopped. Ever since then, the world has known peace (mostly), and nations were formed, a focus on adventuring and exploration boomed, and for most nations, a time of prosperity is now had. This would be more upbeat and heroic, than brutal and grimdark in theme, though of course bad stuff happens, and some dark scenes may occur, but it's not at all a focus. Good-aligned characters preferred, but not a requirement. The requirement is that, regardless what type of character you make, they will NOT go against the common good of the party (they won't steal from the party, hurt them, kill them or anything like that. And even if they might walk out from an adventure due to greed or selfishness or what have you, at the end of the day they would have a change of heart and join back in) There's a bit too much lore about the setting for me to type out here, but I do love having questions asked about the lore, by people that care and want to learn it. I will allow Player's Handbook and Xanathar's guide to everything, as well as some houseruled options that I make and allow for characters. Also, preferrably no anime characters, please? We play on sundays, 11am-12pm PST (not 100% sure on PST, I am a european swine after all), and we usually play for around 4 hours. I will want to have a chat with you beforehand to make sure you'd be a good fit for the group as well.
I am looking for a group on the weekends. I have not played DnD for many years. My daughter playing has got me interested in it again. She plays with her friends and I have been helping her build her character. Been reading up on the rules, but may not remember it all. I may be considered a new player at this point. The last time I really played was back in 2005.