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Concentration Bug ??

Hi all, Just one thing i realized. If I drag and drop for example 2 cult fanatics on my map, if one of them cat a concentration spell, the second one is automatically concentrated too... And of course, if one of them loses its concentration, the second one too... Could it be that the concentration checks on the name of the NPC instead of its id ? Thanks for your answer if you can PS : I'm using concentration 0.1.16 (version in one click)

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Sheet Author
edit - I don't think the original author is still around, but I could be wrong. If they are, I'll leave it to them to sort out :) The problem there is that characters cast spells, not tokens, and the script is primarily geared towards PC and significant NPCs. That said, it could be adjusted to factor in the current selection. If the currently selected token represents the character sheet that cast the spell, apply concentration to that token only. Most of the surrounding functions already key off the token ID instead of character ID - it's a relatively simple change for a custom job, I'm not sure if I'd want to update the actual script though, as this might not be desired behaviour for everyone. If you like I'll throw up a modified script. It would essentially - check if player is GM or check if character is NPC. It doesn't seem like functionality relevant to players, it'll only potentially make life harder for them. - check if any tokens are selected by that player, and that at least one currently selected token represents the character who cast the spell - if all conditions are true, filter the "cult fanatics" (for example) tokens by id => if the id is not in the player's currently selected tokens, ignore it - if any condition fails, the script does what it usually does. This will prevent the script from failing if you cast an NPC spell straight from the sheet, with no tokens selected (or some other mook selected)