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Help: Combat Master v2.45 throws error every time turn order is advanced.

My list of scripts:  G 5th Edition OGL by Roll20 Companion, TokenMod, Concentration, Aura/Tint HealthColors, RecursiveTable, Token Action ,Maker,  ChatSetAttr, D&D 5E - GMSheet, Combat Master, Fumbler, splitArgs, Flight, GroupCheck. ApplyDamage.js, libTokenMarkers In every game, this exception gets thrown: Error: Firebase.update failed: First argument contains NaN in property 'rotation' Error: Firebase.update failed: First argument contains NaN in property 'rotation'     at Ba (/home/node/d20-api-server/node_modules/firebase/lib/firebase-node.js:9:186)     at Ba (/home/node/d20-api-server/node_modules/firebase/lib/firebase-node.js:10:207)     at Aa (/home/node/d20-api-server/node_modules/firebase/lib/firebase-node.js:8:462)     at Ea (/home/node/d20-api-server/node_modules/firebase/lib/firebase-node.js:10:403)     at J.update (/home/node/d20-api-server/node_modules/firebase/lib/firebase-node.js:146:318)     at TrackedObj._doSave (/home/node/d20-api-server/api.js:905:27)     at Timeout.later [as _onTimeout] (/home/node/d20-api-server/node_modules/underscore/underscore-umd.js:1153:39)     at listOnTimeout (internal/timers.js:549:17)     at processTimers (internal/timers.js:492:7) Does no one else have this problem? Any thoughts on why this happening? It just started for me on Thursday (last working game was Tuesday). Thanks for any help!
See discussion at the end of this thread.&nbsp; Basically grab the latest from github (link near the end of this page) and use it for now till the fix is published. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
I've been having this problem too. I was messing around trying to fix it and noticed that in the 'Animation Rotation Duration' field in my copy of CM it said "undefined" while the clean copy I got from Github said 15.&nbsp; I fixed this and have not had a crash yet. This command should set the property and hopefully fix the problem. !cmaster --config,turnorder,key=animateMarkerDuration,value=15&nbsp;