Thread 2 This thread was opened because the previous thread closed due to inactivity. You can still find script's documentation and usage examples by following this link to the original thread . libInline File Location:  In the 1-click and my  personal repo Abstract:  libInline is a library that simplifies interaction with the inlinerolls object of a message. Using this library, a scripter can easily obtain various datapoints from any inline roll, such as the resulting total, the resulting value (different for a table versus a die roll), various combinations of the resulting dice (all the dice, only the included dice, only the dropped dice, only the critical successes, only the critical failures, etc.), and, most importantly, the resulting rolltip (the tip that pops up when you hover over an inline roll in the chat window). Using this library should free you from having to manually reduce the inline rolls from a message, and should provide the well-formatted roll-tip that was lacking in the common form that reduction would take. Version 1.0.4 Released Updated at original link and submitted to one-click November 15, 2021 FIXED : Roll-tips for rolls containing less-than characters (i.e., < ) now display properly Update Notes Previously, rolls containing a less-than character would produce a roll-tip with incorrectly formatted output; namely, the Roll20 HTML parsers would eat portions of the roll expression and alter the color coding of early critical success/failures. The roll information was all correct; it was only the roll-tip that was altered, and only noticeable if you hovered over the roll to produce the roll tip. With this update, the roll expression has been formatted to use a visually-similar (but different as a matter of encoding) character to represent the less-than character.