Roll20 has released a brand new mobile app, especially for players. The app is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store . We want to empower players to use their Roll20 content to play on the VTT or in-person. The Roll20 Companion app is designed for both phone sized devices as well as larger tablet screens. The app is available for free, Plus, and Pro subscribers.  What does it do? Any Roll20 user with the app can log in to Roll20, select their desired game, and open the characters they can control. As of now, only D&D 5e by Roll20 is supported, but other character sheets are on the horizon. Once the character sheet is selected, a player can view their relevant stats, abilities, inventory, and anything else needed to play your character. You could always roll your favorite dice when playing at a table, or we’ll do the math for you and send results to the VTT. The roll is then executed with our signature Quantum Roll randomness engine. These rolls are visible in the app to the player who rolled – and they are visible to anyone with that game open in the browser and chat log. That’s functionality no other virtual tabletop or TTRPG app can offer. What’s next? Until recently, the app has been limited to beta. The Roll20 team will be working to ensure reviews, feedback, and issues are leveraged to create the best experience for you possible. All of that feedback will be used to determine the Roll20 Companion roadmap into the future.   Our focus is increasing player features before we begin GM functionality. We’re planning on creating documentation for community creators to update their character sheets for mobile app usage, and compendiums are our next priority. Download the Roll20 Companion app on Google Play and the Apple App Store now!