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Player tokens not showing up


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I am having a lot of issues tonight on roll20. Some sort of bug has made the player tokens not appear on the maps, and when i pull out new ones they still don't show up. Some of my maps aren't loading at all, it is like this in all of my games. The players also cant see the other tokens. I tried using a few different browsers, didn't help.
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Have you deleted any images from your art library?
I changed computers somewhat recently but I've played since then and hadn't noticed the issue until last night.
how do you even delete stuff from your art library, i definitely don't remember doing that.
but when i change over, i do see a lot less images in that section
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There are a number of ways to delete, but basically, a right click on an image gives you that option. If you delete from "Recent Downloads" it removes the original image. If you do it from a library folder, it just deletes the pointer to the "Recent Uploads" original. Are the disappearing images still in your art library? (I wasn't clear from your answer) Or is it possible they were uploaded from someone else's library, who has deleted their account or removed the images from their Library?
they aren't in my library no but i definitely don't remember deleting them?

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Hmm. And you specifically remember uploading them? If so, I think the only way they could disappear is if someone, logged in as you, deleted them. Or if you uploaded them using a different account and deleted that account.
I have never 'uploaded' anything. It just gets added when i drag tokens onto maps and such.
It is the same account, I definitely didn't delete any art or maps that I've added to games intentionally. Is there a way it could've been deleted accidentally?
Andrew R.
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DM Dallas, I note that your Avatar image in the forums is broken too. 
does the avatar image have anything to do with art library? lol

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its strange because theres some players in my game who can still see the tokens on the map. but only like 1 or 2 of the 6 players can see it, everyone else cant see the images. I'm fairly certain I didn't delete anything...
which means the images are still there...

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Or it means that the players that see them still have the images in their browser cache. Edit: Yes, the avatar you upload for your account will be in your art library.  Any image you upload to Roll20 will be there, until you delete it (breaking any place that image was in use).
The confusing part is then, I still can see 1 token, and the 1 token I could still see, can see everyone elses tokens. If all of my stuff is deleted why would I still be able to see that token and no one elses

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also, why would they have any of these images saved? or does every image uploaded to roll20 in a game your in that you see save to cache for players?
The more I look into google searching I'm noticing past posts of peoples librarys just dissapearing/going missing. Theres randomly like 1 player token in a few of my games that are still visible, and they aren't in my art library.... Is there any dev that can look into something being corrupted? I do this as a job and all 6 of my games are missing anything that i've uploaded to it.
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DM Dallas said: I have never 'uploaded' anything. It just gets added when i drag tokens onto maps and such. Anything you drag from your computer onto the map area is uploaded to your art library. All browsers cache image data for faster rendering of a page you visit more than once. Typically, older images in the cache are rotated out as time goes on. An image that was deleted from your library could still display for some time after the original was deleted. This is nothing special about Roll20, just the way browsers handle images. Without access to your account, the rest of us can only hazard guesses as to what might be going on. You need to file a  Help Center Request  and get a ticket for dev attention. You can point them to this thread in your report.