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[LFG] Long-time DM looking for change of pace

Hello everyone, my name is Tony.  At present, I have been DM'ing 5e for about 5 years straight now.  The group I run is likely ending a campaign that is 3 years and 8 months deep with a huge finale within the next few weeks.   In order to help mitigate DM burnout, I'm looking for a group I might be able to join as a player.  There are number of class combinations I'm interested in trying out and, just want to enjoy something where I have less responsibility but can still contribute.  I am fairly mechanically sound, but I really enjoy forging character relationships, roleplay, and creative solutions to problems DM set before us. I'm available pretty much any night except for Wednesdays.  I live in EST, but I'm happy to work with you when considering time zone differences. Please feel free to reply here or send me a DM on Discord: Anthony35fox#6733.  Thanks so much for your time and consideration!
I run 3.5 but if you are interested, let me know. I'm MT and run from 6-10 pm during the week and I have a Sunday game from 3-7 pm MT.
Join my FREE game online TTRPG on Roll20 and Discord called Firewinds of the Seas   The world is a vast collection of many medieval islands and many types of cryptid beasts and creatures, but from a young age you have been told horror stories of how the most disgusting race of creatures of all is called the Gort. They invaded and decimated distant lands and now they have made it to the lands of your people. Victims who are captured (both man and beast), are enslaved and then eaten. Some are used to host the Gort larva that will incubate in then devour their hosts alive from the inside out.  The time has come for you to set sails and defend your coastal waters and liberate your people from their ships before they suffer this fate. Kill the Gort and steal their treasure to finance your cause. Or take the offensive and raid their homelands and slay their children before they grow into an army that will destroy your entire race. Your God has blessed you with a few spells and prayers to protect you and help you against your enemies, but you will have to fight with your weapons and courage if you want to succeed. With the favor of your lord you might be able to survive or at least kill your share of the Gort so you can die with honor.    Hello I am JeffreyJames,  I Gm'ed role playing games for about 5 years using my own game system called firewinds.     I made my own game system because I wanted a fair and balanced RPG system where everyone could choose how they wanted their character to be built and not be disabled in certain abilities because of arbitrary rules about your class or race.  I also wanted a system where magic was not a game breaking weapon. And most of all I wanted a game that was simple and easy to learn for beginners and pros alike. The rules and spell guide is at firewindsoftheseas .com if you need them.   When you start, all macros are already made for your character sheet, and all you do is click a button to roll.  We play roll20 with discord voice , for some stupid reason roll20 wont let me post our discord address here but you can get it by joining the game.    When you play your first game you will be a “red shirt''. You will get a low stat character and get to play today ,IT WILL NOT BE a 4 hour "zero secession" of making characters. After you have played a game we can make characters when everyone is not waiting on each other.   Please have a human token or jpg image and a name for your character. Something like a  viking-samuri-incan-native american-mongolian-hun-roman-greek-zulu-egyption or any pre gunpowder human race.  Sorry no furries.   If you have a group of 3 or more close friends and a set time when you all meet weekly or bi weekly I can run a private game for you and your friends.    I also play an ongoing pick up game a few times a week whenever we can get a few players. I will message everyone on discord when it starts, or can answer any of your questions there.     You can message me on here or on discord FirewindsOfTheSuns#2162 or at OrangeAcresMontana at
Hi, I'm Burenthar. I have a game I'm trying to run for 5E and I just need 1 more player. It uses the D&amp;Destiny Homebrew system (based on Bungie's title, Destiny). If that sounds interesting, take a look at my campaign details link.&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;.
I'm a UK based DM putting some groups together i have a listing of a couple of games below, im happy to run games for players of all levels, so if you fancy a low level game, a level 20 game or anyhwere in between, i can run that depending on the groups preferance the game time and date is not set in stone, I can move it to accommodate players once we have a few interested. due to my UK timezone, it would likely be early-mid afternoon for you if thats ok Game 1 - Defenders of the institute <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> The local Young mages school is looking for adventurers to stay at the Mage school, on standby for if you are needed, as the Emergency Response Management team. You are given free board, free food, access to the spellbook library, and rewarded for specific missions. The job tends to include a fetch quest a week or 2 and defending the school if a crisis happens. You start at level 1, with standard starting gear. This campaign take your characters to level 5. It can lead into further campaign if players wish. Game 2 - Assault on Lich Tower <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> For nearly a decade, there has been an evil lich terrorizing people in the area. For the most part, if you stroke his ego, he isn't too bad. But enough of a nuisance for many adventurers to go to his tower. Many never returned. Many return, scarred and tormented by their experience. The most stubborn fighters were returned, and soon their life began to fall to ruins as everything dear to them became lost. However, recently the princess of the country dared to stand against him. He took her soul, leaving her a husk of a person, yet still alive (think dementors kiss). The king has gathered you, some of the strongest adventurers in the country to go to the liches Tower. Your mission is to recover the princess' soul. And you will be handsomely rewarded. However, if you can stop the lich from continuing his terrors, that reward will increase exponentially. This game may take 3-4 sessions, and can expand and continue after that to cover 3 modules. This game will be ran using level 20 charectors this is a high level game, so I would suggest newer players steer away. I do run other games that are lower level so more beginner friendly
There is a group forming to play D&amp;D5e on Saturdays (6-10pm EST). Here is a link in case you are interested and would like to apply: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Thanks and Good Luck! ~Sherlock
hello there Anthony if you would be interested in a custom dnd 5e game I would be willing to get in touch with you if you want to get in contact with me you can message me on discord&nbsp; Victor Baker#7477 as I do like to VC with players I have a simple interesting way of making unique loving characters for my players to love as well so I will share a simple photo with you to look over. Other than that I have a very unique and wonderful world fully fletched out with artwork and interactions that would make anyone smile.