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Grouped Drawings As Single Token


Edited 1637830039
Hi all, Made a magic item bunker for my players by layering a bunch of tokens over one another (set as drawings). It's supposed to be portable, so I want to attach it to a character sheet as a single token, so they can drag and drop as needed. But I only ever get one layer set as the sheet's token. Is there any way to set a group of drawings as the default token? Or is it really as silly as having to screenshot, turn it into a png, and reimport it?
David M.
API Scripter
Default token can only be a single image (or rollable table token consisting of multiple images, but only one at a time). You could screenshot it as you mentioned, or select each component individually, right-click, "save as", and then assemble the parts using 3rd party software like GIMP or similar. 
I'd feared as much, but good to have it confirmed. Workaround is simple enough, just cumbersome. Thank you.