So, as the title says, I'm kind of itching to do something that isn't Pathfinder, and that would probably be 4th Edition. Whether this just be short adventures, Dungeon Crawl Classics, or something longer like an adventure path, really depends on the group. I have content for all of those though. Also, should anyone feel like they're interested in the challenge, I have a Tomb of Horrors built for experienced players who want to test their skill. I'd love a chance to learn the FantasyCraft system, but don't really have the time or drive to just cram the rulebook and then run a game and hope I get it all right. I'd rather someone who know the system maybe run a game or two, maybe in exchange for me DMing something for them. That's fair, right? I think so. Anyway, hit me up. I'm looking for mature players who are easy to get along with, don't need much handholding, and can handle themselves. All games will be voice chat, no text please. No set day to play on other than that it won't be Fridays or Saturdays. Hit me up here or on Skype: Askren-