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Managing API Scripts

I am updating my Python script that manages my API scripts. I am able to add, remove and update hand-rolled scripts. However I am currently unable to do the following: Add/Remove a pre-written script. * Restart the Sandbox. Does anyone know a way to do either of the above, expect by using the Roll20 web site.  Say for example using curl Thanks in advance Chris

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You can install a script pretty easily from the console, presumably the same deal with curl, though I guess it depends on being logged in and having write access. Replace the /000000/ with the identifier from your own Campaign, of course:   $ . post ( "/campaigns/save_script/000000/" + 'new' , {     name : 'newScript' ,     content : `log('hello Slowglass');`   } If you .then() or await the ajax request, you could refresh the browser when it's done. Otherwise you won't see the new script.If that even matters - probably not, since you're trying to do this without the website. Presumably any type of ajax post will work, I only used the JQ version since that's what the button does. The restarting I'm not sure on. It could definitely be done by triggering a script via the a message in the API console (so you can do it from in-game with a macro), but that would mean leaving a tab open on the API scripts page, so the triggered script can send a 'click' event to the restart button. But if you're ok with that, it's pretty easy. The Roll20 button itself is posting a restart event on an object called Notifier - not sure if that means anything to you, but I'm not sure what scope that's in, or whether it's from a certain library. notifier.child("scriptrestart").set(true); It looks like firebase syntax, but that seems like an odd use of a firebase document. Then again, I've written a total of 0.8 firebase apps, so /shrug :) edit - Yeah, it's firebase alright. Permission denied on the restart document thought, which is odd. I think the API console trigger might be the only option. Can't do a read, let alone a write:
Thanks, I have found a way to push up predefined scripts as well as home written ones. Need to step through the notify code, but do not think there is a way to restart the Sandbox form the command line