I am a long time player coming off of a few years break looking to start DMing. I have been looking to put together a game with a few real life friends, but I keep getting people dropping out, so I would like to add a few unknowns to help fill spaces. I am looking to put together a Dystopia game based around the d20 Modern rules with a few twist (I had some Insanity Rules from d20 CoC.) It does have some religious tones, and that is not to knock anyone who is or is not religious. History shows that so many of our wars have been started over religious differences and with the current tension in the middle east, I think this is a great place to setup a campaign. Due to unresolvable differences Iran has attacked Israel ..... out of it an unusual alliance with the Catholics have stepped in to save the land of Christ. Catholics Re-Merge with Protestants and the Jewish sects to form the "Holy Union of God" which spreads globally causing the new found religious to take up arms against hethens and heretics. I am not going to pre-determine what roll the group plays. I will let that be decided by the group and make all future campaigns past the first one from what they decide. This game may only be once or twice a month, but I am very consistent. Looking for 7pm EST on Sundays, but that may change.