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Kobold Press - Deep Magic / Starfinder Character Sheet / WFRP Character Sheet


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Hi, I posted over a year ago about Kobold Press's Deep Magic product, and after advice I raised a detailed support ticket with a whole bunch of issues with this. Literally -nothing- has been done (I have just checked, 13-months later) to fix any of the bugs I raised, of which there are many! This is despite a customer service response from Roll20 assuring me that it was being raised and dealt with and apologising for Roll20 "missing the mark on this occassion".&nbsp; Link to original post here:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I am extremely disappointed and pretty shocked that Roll20 has supposedly raised this as an issue to be resolved over a year ago and yet absolutely none of the issues have been fixed. It's all very well trotting out a customer service person to say X, Y, Z but you have to step up and DO something on the back of that to make it meaningful and preserve trust. On top of that, both the Starfinder and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th-edition character sheets are in desperate need of attention and, again, have been completely ignored by Roll20. I purchased both these products naively expecting they would work as advertised and feel completely cheated. If you sell a product on the basis it does A and B and it actually does A and not B then that is false advertising . You should not be selling incomplete or untested products, period. This has genuinely shattered my faith in purchasing products from Roll20, and I now feel safer to go buy the PDFs elsewhere and create my own content. This is really, really shabby. For example I would love to pick up Strixhaven but there is no way I will take the risk right now, given my experience. Please, for 2022, can we have some investment in fixing the bad products that are piling-up? Manny
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The Starfinder sheet just received an upgrade this week, adding support for vehicles and mechs. I don't know anything about WFRP, so I can't offer any info there. All products by Kobold Press are produced entirely by Kobold Press. they have been pretty good about quickly responding, but you would likely need to address issues directly to them. I don't know if any of this applies to the issues you have reported, though. Caveat: I do not represent Roll20 or speak for them. Just passing along info that might be useful.
Thanks Keith, I'll check out the Starfinder updates.&nbsp;
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Link is here: Starfinder: Tech Revolution Vehicle and Mech Character Sheets now available!
I've done a bit of testing on Starfinder, and there's definitely been some work done to improve the sheet which is hugely welcome. Specifically some issues on the sheet around formatting appear to have been fixed and you can drag and drop equipment and feats from the compendium. Races and Classes do not work with drag and drop but I suspect it they've done the other bits then I'm moderately hopeful this implies that soon(tm) the rest of it will fall into place and finally be usable! Cautiously optimistic for 2022! Thanks Keith &amp; Roll20 :-)
Andreas J.
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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th-edition character sheets are in desperate need of attention and, again, have been completely ignored by Roll20. The Warhammer 4e sheet is maintained &amp; updated directly by the publisher, not Roll20, so any feedback for it should be directed at Cubicle 7. Only the sheets listed as "by Roll20"&nbsp; are actually an active cooperation between Roll20 and the publisher where both participate and work on the thing. compare to
Thanks Andreas: I'll try to contact Cubicle 7 about the WFRP sheet in that case.