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Shareable Assets?


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I am part of a collective of Pro-DMs and we create and share a lot of custom-made assets, (specifically maps, tokens and encounters) between ourselves. Our issue is that currently, each one of us has to dynamically light the maps, create the npcs, link the tokens, add the GM layer notes, etc. This duplication of efforts is of course, extremely inefficient. Short of each of us individually applying to become Marketplace Creators, is there a method or process for Pro Users to complete an asset (per the parameters above) and then share it to other PRO-Users? The caveat of course is that the content created would be solely for our own usage and would not be released into the "wild". Any advice would be appreciated!  Many Thanks! DM Charlie
Forum Champion
One GM can create a game table, invite the others as players, then use Promote To Co-GM. This has some of the advantages DM Charlie wants, along with the drawbacks and limitations of this method. Otherwise no, but there are API scripts where you could save/codify/export some of that building-work, and then run the code to replicate/rebuild the same work on another tabletop. Such as possibly look into WALLS script for the dynamic lighting walls.
We've tried the transmogrify between CO-DMs; it was a no-go. (As you are probably aware.)  I will check out the WALLS script. Thank you for the reply!