About : Looking for 4 to 5 players to join a short 3 month campaign ( 12 sessions ) running from Feb 6 to April 24 with a Session Zero on Jan 30th. Day & Time: Sunday evenings 7pm to 10pm Eastern time. Will be using Roll20 for Tabletop & Discord for Voice Players will be starting at 1st level in a home brew world I created called Allusia, and end up at 5th level by the end of the campaign. Please read what is included and excluded (below) Interested players - send me a Direct Message with the Race, Class and preferred character background ie noble, folk hero, charlatan etc.. (not to be confused with Backstory - that we will develop collaboratively together).     What will be included in the campaign: Source books Players handbook Xanathar's guide Volo's guide   DM's guide Variant Encumbrance Rule Dropping Backpack = action (assuming on back and an item in-hand) Fumble tables (Homebrew for monsters and PC's alike) For Magic (Magic is a fickle mistress....) Attack rolls result of a 1 is a Fumble Saves a natural 20 save is a Fumble result Non attack spells - roll D20 result of a 1 is a Fumble Lingering Injuries & Exhaustion for being reduced to zero HP DM moves players tokens in strategic (non-combat) situations, Players move tokens in Tactical (combat) DMG Action Options Hitting Cover When Players or others are in the line of site... Inspiration Dice Feats   What's excluded from the campaign: All other sourcebooks not shown in the included list. Multiclassing as an option Monster Races   Character Creation: Prior to Session Zero For party balance, Players and DM to agree on race, class and background (not to be confused with backstory - that will be collaborative)   This will help the DM with tying the character into the world such as their place of origin, if they can belong to a faction etc. Session Zero Describe & discuss the homebrew world, factions etc... Collaborate with the DM In session zero DM will meet with each player one on one for 15-20 min to work on backstory to tie it into the world. Building character Use charactermancer   Use point buy or standard array for ability scores Select class equipment once character is made you can sell items at 1/2 price and buy full price from items in PHB. Tokens Images for tokens to be posted in discord for DM to upload and create/assign. On gaining levels - Roll 1 time for HD or take avg, whichever is higher.