Bestiary for NEXSIS ADVENTURES is out today. Don't forget about the Core Book also out there on the Marketplace. Nexsis Adventures is a gaming system that has seen much play time in over 20 years. From the players that I have GM'd with, they encouraged me to place the rules on the marketplace. So I have. I will be putting out other books later. Including campaigns for it. The Bestiary contains 20+ monsters for your campaign as ideas, or to get you started. Each monster has their own profile and abilities. ( You need the Nexsis Adventures Core Book to understand them .) AS A SIDE NOTE: (For D&D 5E players) FREAK (2nd Edition) short campaign for D&D 5E should be out soon as it is going through the pending process. Not to be confused with the original FREAK campaign. This one has heroes as Investigator's Guild members. Dealing with horror themed elements. I will keep you posted when it is officially released on the marketplace. Working on a few things that will take time including another D&D 5E campaign.