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[Suggestion] Sound grouping/shortcuts


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The majority of the time I layer sounds to get the effect I need ingame. Like for camping at night, I play a fire, crickets, a night ambient with a few owls and such, leaves rustling...then if its raining, add in a rain sound, and a bit of wind. Which means I have to scroll around in my list and find all the sounds for that situation and turn them all on, then scroll to turn them off. Adding a "grouped list" would be very helpful. Perhaps a simple 'add group' entry, along with the 'add' button we have now. It could show up like an entry does now in the list. You can click checkboxes to the sounds you want to start, and when you hit play on it, it starts all the ones you linked to it. That way I could simply hit play on one I named "Night with wind and rain" and they all start and/or stop.

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Pretty good concept. Sometimes in other applications, a group of sounds would be called a Playlist . As with any music website, a track can be on multiple playlists. Perhaps we could have the same existing Jukebox feature with all your saved tracks, but also have a Playlist section there, where you can create Groups (Playlists). Perhaps the Group/Playlist could have 2 options: Play All Tracks Simultaneously (layering the sounds), or Play All Tracks In Sequence (one after the other). I also like the "Checkboxes" method that William R. thought of. So you checkmark which tracks should play together, then you hit Play and all that are checkmarked begin to play. A "Stop All" button would also be nice, so you don't have to go through and turn off each sound. But it's not TOO hard as it is now for stopping all sounds, because the ones that are playing toggle their Play/Pause icon to indicate which ones are on.