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Weird infographic value in last blog post


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Olivier G.
Sheet Author
Hello, I was reading the last blog post ( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ) and found something weird. I'm not sure what is the correct way to interpret this infographic. Does this mean that: 250,000 campaigns were created, and the sum of their playtime is over a week (i.e. 168 hours)? This is weird as it would mean that the average length of a campaign is around 2.5 seconds. 250,000 campaigns were created, and each of them had a playtime of over a week? It seems like a lot to me. Thanks for the clarification.
Forum Champion
Marketplace Creator
API Scripter
I believe it is the latter. It might not mean 168 hours, though. It might mean log ins on 7 different days. I create a lot of test campaigns that have never seen more than 3-4 logins. But now you've got me curious...
Forum Champion
I also pondered the meaning of that, from the Roll20 email. My guess, I think it means that: (((Millions of games were created, but lots of those were Test games, backup copies, fizzled out, etc))) 250,000 Games were created that actually went-on to play (more than 2 people logged in at the same time), touching on 7 different calendar dates. It is confusing though, not the least of which is Roll20 GUI changed the wording from "Campaigns" to "Games" several years ago. Create Game, Join Game, etc (used to be called Campaigns on here).