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5e OGL multiple damage selector

Hello all So I'm running a character that gets multiple different modifiers to attack damage, depending on size, abilities, spells, and other issues. What I would like is a macro that I click on and it runs through my choices of modifiers for weapons and then damage modifiers.  IE: A dropdown asking what weapon, then a series of questions to ask what modifiers are being used. I have the following to help me track mods but it doesn't actually roll dice: Attack+ ?{Large|No, |Yes, 1d6} [LARGE] ?{Larger|No, |Yes,+1d4} [LARGER] ?{Hunter's Mark|No, |Yes,+1d6} [HUNTER'S MARK] ?{Fire Rune|No, |Yes,+2d6 Fire} [FIRE RUNE] ?{Elderitch Claw|No, |Yes,1D6 Force} [ELDERITCH CLAW]  I also have a macro to select what weapon I'm using /w "@{selected|character_name}"&{template:atk} {{desc=**Weapon attacks:** ``[@{selected|repeating_attack_$0_atkname}](~selected|repeating_attack_$0_attack)`` ``[@{selected|repeating_attack_$1_atkname}](~selected|repeating_attack_$1_attack)`` ``[@{selected|repeating_attack_$2_atkname}](~selected|repeating_attack_$2_attack)`` ``[@{selected|repeating_attack_$3_atkname}](~selected|repeating_attack_$3_attack)`` ``[@{selected|repeating_attack_$4_atkname}](~selected|repeating_attack_$4_attack)`` ``[@{selected|repeating_attack_$5_atkname}](~selected|repeating_attack_$5_attack)`` ``[@{selected|repeating_attack_$6_atkname}](~selected|repeating_attack_$6_attack)`` }} I don't know how to combine them, or how to make the damage roll. Any macro experts out there able to take a shot at this? 
After a bunch of work, I came up with the following. Not perfect, but at least it's something. I would love to be able to select a weapon and then have the table come up, but that is beyond me. @{Nalah Ohakim|wtype}&{template:atkdmg}{{rname=Unarmed strike (2h)}} {{r1=[[@{Nalah Ohakim|d20}cs>20 + 4[STR] + 3[PROF] + 1[MAGIC]]]}} @{Nalah Ohakim|rtype}cs>20 + 4[STR] + 3[PROF] + 1[MAGIC]]]}} {{attack=1}} {{range=melee}}  &{template:default}{{name=Damage Roll}} [[ [[1d8+5]][2H] + [[?{Large?|Yes,1|No,0}d6]][L] + [[?{Larger?|Yes,1|No,0}d4]][H] + [[?{Fire Rune?|Yes,2|No,0}d6]][FR] + [[?{Elderitch Claw?|Yes,1|No,0}d6]][EC] + [[?{Hunter's Mark?|Yes,1|No,0}d6]][HM] ]] + {{Unarmed Large Huge Fire Rune (Fire) Elderitch Claw (Force) Hunter's Mark=$[[0]] $[[1]] $[[2]] $[[3]] $[[4]] $[[5]]}} {{Total damage=$[[6]]}}