Hello everyone! Starting today, Dark Mode is available on the Dev Server for Pro Subscribers ! This iteration is a work-in-progress that focuses on the Virtual Tabletop and will be available to all users.  Please check it out and let us know your thoughts. We are aware there are some obvious issues but wanted to share our work. We’re continuing to develop Dark Mode and will be making improvements by the end of the month. The VTT will automatically recognize your browser settings for Dark Mode. We also offer a toggle directly on the VTT in which case the this will allow you to revert to Light Mode if you wish. For sheet authors, the ability to detect Light/Dark mode on the VTT is in progress and we will have more information to share soon! For those of you who simply just want to see how it looks… Activating/Deactivating Dark Mode is as easy as flipping a switch! The good news doesn’t stop there! Also available on the dev server is another highly requested feature : the ability to lock and unlock tokens! GMs will now be able to lock tokens in place by right clicking on the token going to advanced and selecting “Lock Position” – you can unlock the token by following the same steps as well! Head here if you’d like to give us feedback on Token Locking! (Dark Mode might make it a bit hard to see the menu, however. Despite the name, that is NOT intended) You can also lock assets on the map layer! This is handy for those who like to provide EXTRA detail but maybe keep moving the background. So click with impunity! Don’t worry, the lock icon goes away as soon you deselect the asset! This week we also released the following changes: Added a link on game detail’s pages to launch into a game directly as a player. Fixed issues where the polygon drawing tool would not snap to grid cell corners on isometric, dimetric, and hexagonal grids when the shift key was held. Improved the Virtual Tabletop Page data to reduce startup time and optimize bandwidth. Looking for previous release notes? You can read the full list on our Change Log .