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Archive Campaign Feature

I think this may be one of the most badly needed features on Roll20.  Anyone who runs multiple campaigns will know the pain of not wanting to delete a campaign, but also, getting really sick of it's assets taking up huge amounts of space.  The amount of old campaigns on my accounts is causing extreme clutter.  Even if I did decide to nuke them the UI is very difficult for doing so. My suggestion (and I realize this may take some work and is unlikely as a result) is to add an Archive Campaign button that compresses the following into a ZIP download and includes the option to nuke the campaign once zipped: All map assets All art assets All sound assets All handouts All layer information (like light layer) All page information I am entirely fine if said archive is encrypted so that it only works with Roll20.  This would allow us to reupload a campaign archive and immediately have everything functioning again from our own local storage. There is another benefit to this concept as well:  People could easily package up campaigns to send their friends, allowing them to quickly "install" the campaign into their Roll20 account. Again I realize this may be somewhat difficult and I suspect Roll20 does profit off of people buying more space due to dead campaigns - and to that end I think I will also say I am fine if this is a subscription feature only.  In fact, I think it would be of extreme value to people to upgrade to get access to this feature if implemented. Thanks again.
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