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Macros in macro bar cannot be erased and/or moved anymore ?


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Hello all, Am I the only one experiencing this issue where macros shortcuts in the bottom screen macro bar cannot be moved or erased ? the arrow keeps flashing on and off, and when i try to move a macro to another position, it starts moving and suddenly stop and gets back to initial position. I don't get it... Lionel EDIT : Ok i Understood what happened, i Have the APIHeartbeat running and the update of the arrow makes a constant update even on selecting the macros... I disabled the script just for the time of moving the macro shortcut and it went fine...
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OMG! Thank you! I could not figure out what was going on!
The Aaron
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API Scripter
Hmm.  Was it only the API heartbeat macro that couldn't be moved?  I'll add a pause update command to it to allow it to be moved easily.  
Actually it was all the macros shortcuts. The turning arrow is always updating its image. You can add a pause command, but also, As i did, you can just disable the script for a minute and re-enabling it straight after you arranged the order to suit your needs.