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Custom FX attribute "size", how does it translate into my maps?

Hi all, how does the attribute " size " , which is described as " size defines the relative size of the particles that are created. " translate into my map scales? I use and generate maps with varying sizes and scales where a square can represent everything from 5 ft. to even several hundred feet. Of course, for battle maps the scale varies only between 5 to 25 ft and that is where I use the custom fx tool. It is a nice feature to add some sparkle, but the effects do not scale up or down and I cannot scale them to adjust them to the token size that also have to be adjusted to the maps. At least that is my observation. Am I right or did I miss something? Thus I end up with different custom fx tools adjusted to different scales in my maps. However, I end up with a trial-and-error process and visually adjusting the size of the effect to the corresponding map scale. I am not really satisfied with that and I would like to understand to what the size you have to specify is relative to !? Is there a base map scale that the size attribute correctly corresponds to? Of course, you only have to do the manual adjustment hopefully once and then adjust the size attribute according to your map scale, but..., well..., still.... If that is as it is intended to be used, ok. I just want to make sure ...  Thanks and best regards Ulf.
No answer yet.... Is my question easy to understand? Does anyone have an idea? It should actually be common problem or are FX "special effects" just rarely used?

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I don't use them, and I'm not sure how many do.&nbsp; All I can do is point you to the wiki pages.&nbsp; There is something there about setting size of custom fx, so I'm assuming size is alterable.&nbsp; Whether it scales with changes to grid scale, I have no idea.&nbsp; Shouldn't be too hard to test though. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Thanks, yes, I read these posts, the help pages and the complete documentation, of course. And I tried the obvious. However, the tests I performed revealed that the effects do not scale up or down. I hoped that the size at least correlates to ft. in a base map scale whatever that may be. But the way the interface is set up and programmed and with my own professional background in programming I already came to that conclusion and just wanted a confirmation ;-) I might still be wrong, though.&nbsp; Thus, any feedback from those who designed the FX-Tool is appreciated...