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[Looking for Players][Tuesdays 9pm EST] Call of Netherdeep / Wildemount crossover [Paid]


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Check out the listing!&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ## Welcome to: The Explorer's Guide to Wildemount&nbsp; ### and Call of the Netherdeep crossover campaign! Unwitting adventurers are torn between righteous alliances and corrupted insatiable power.&nbsp; A powerful evil launches the continent into chaos and sets in motion a horrendous plot to fracture the fabric of reality.&nbsp; The realm of Wildemount is spiraling into chaotic destruction. Exandria faces ancient threats and new catastrophes. Control your destiny and save Exandria in&nbsp; "Explorer's Guide to Wildemount" and "Call of the Netherdeep"&nbsp; *This is a paid per-session adventure. A full campaign with an Experienced DM that crafts and creates an environment that supports roleplaying, exploration, strategy.* **Players will explore Wildemount during the start of the campaign.&nbsp; Once the brand new 'Call of the Netherdeep' campaign is released the party will find themselves traveling across Exandria, thrust into the intrigue, mystery, and danger of the new campaign** Players in this campaign are able to test their imaginations and explore the mysterious realm of Wildemount and dive headfirst into the Critical Role Universe.&nbsp; The DM adapts to and encourages player creativity and wild ideas when the adventurers engage with the world and its inhabitants.&nbsp;&nbsp; This campaign includes all content from the official module in addition to: - High-quality Custom Battle maps - Custom Music&nbsp; - Fully formed NPC’s - Player freedom to design reasonable spells, items, abilities with DM - Compatible with player guests as NPC’s - Access to special one-shot events as decided upon by the DM and Group - Periodic guest adventurers ***The Explorer's Guide to Wildemount*** is designed to work with all standard player options found in official materials for Dungeons and Dragons 5e. Approval is needed for unofficial and unearthed arcana materials as well as newly released content. ***If you are interested in joining the campaign(read below)***&nbsp;&nbsp; ## New Players Welcome! The DM will work closely with new players to help them onboard to the system and help foster a great first experience. ## Request an Invite to Join To request an invite to join, the following form is the first step in the process, please send me a private message with the following: **Your name:&nbsp; What kind of Character do you want to play?: Your experience level with D&amp;D: Are you a new player? Intermediate? Seasoned Veteran?: Do you understand that a session can run as long as 4 hours?: Are you able to commit to the advertised time slot weekly?: Do you have voice chat capabilities?: Do you understand the cost associated with this game? The cost is $15 per session: In a few sentences describe what parts of an adventure you might enjoy the most: Your Discord ID&nbsp; (include the 4 numbers at the end):&nbsp;&nbsp; Have you played online before?: Do you understand this is an 18+ years of age gaming session?:** <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Feel free to copy and paste the above into a private message and fill out your answers.&nbsp;&nbsp; If the link is not working make sure you sign in to your Roll20 account. Please note that Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.
1 player spot left.