Hi folks! We pushed out the following changes today: Adds Dark Mode color theme option to the Virtual Tabletop. A toggle below the Toolbox turns it on and off. Color Mode is automatically selected if users have set their preference in Operating System or Browser Fixes an issue preventing Pro subscribers from accessing the Fog of War opacity slider in the Page Details tab. GMs can lock a token in place on any Virtual Tabletop Layer New API key for Graphics objects to prevent tokens and maps from moving. lockMovement takes a boolean, with options for true or false Adds a Dark Mode for Roll20 Official 5e Sheet Fixes an an issue caused by improper handling of Turn Tracker caused games to fail on load, and prevented Turns being added by rolling Initiative In case you missed it, we also had some releases previous that didn't make it into a release note here on the forums :( They've been added below: Feb 22, 2022 Character sheet jQuery events now support the Command key on MacOS devices. Clicking away from a text box will deselect the Text Tool Fixes a jittery user interface when using Copy Page in the Page Menu Gives the Text Tool a stroke color option Feb 17, 2022 Fixed an issue where the Text Chat popout window was not displaying the text input field. To stay on top of the latest updates, you can always read the full list on our  Change Log !