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Release Note - March 4, 2022: VTT Updates!

Roll20 Team
Greetings adventurers, We pushed out the following changes today; behold: Turn Tracker's Active Turn has better color contrast Change to Character Sheet modal makes a better Dark Mode experience for community sheets Inline Roll Template text/background contrast increased Default Roll Template text/background contrast increased Better contrast on "Rolling Dice" message when... rolling dice DnD 5e NPC Sheet text/background contrast increase DnD 5e Sheet extra abilities in Text Chat got dark mode Changes font and font size for DnD 5e character sheet in dark mode DnD 5e dropdowns have much contrast Happy rolling!
Hi! This still looks really bad. Does Roll20 have... quality control? The font choices and colors are all over the place, there's overlap everywhere, the colors do not look good together. Some have been adjusted in some areas, and not others. Why is there red and purple?

Edited 1646439299
Even more issues in the NPC stat blocks. How did this ever get released in this state? What is honestly confusing me, is why the font is changing at all? The font should stay the same from dark to light mode. There should be no size changes or font style changes. The only thing that should change is the colors. Nothing should move. Yet, when I switch dark mode you have text changing alignment, text changing size, text changing font families... it's a mess! You can toggle light and dark mode in Discord as an example. Nothing should change but the colors, and the colors should go together. If that can't be done, then it shouldn't have been released because this doesn't cut it.