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Notifying Users of Changes to Sheet

Grinning Gecko
Sheet Author
What's the best way to notify users of changes to a sheet? Let's say I add a new feature, or change an existing function. The first time a user opens that sheet, I'd like to give them a "What's New!" splash page or something. Is there a roll20/community endorsed way to do this? And maybe some nice pre-packaged code? :)
Sheet Author
You can just add an announcement box at the top of your sheet toggled by a checkbox set to checked. Use css to show/hide content using css. Users will see the announcement when they open the sheet. Once closed it will stay unchecked/hidden unless users re-open  Either use a new checkbox attribute with each major update to force a checked/open state or implement a versioning routine that enables(value=1) the checkbox based on a newer sheet version.  Not sure if there's a simple versioning example available...

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Andreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Check: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> And maybe some nice pre-packaged code? :) Yeah I've been wanting something like this too for a while, and have yet to taken apart GURPS or any other sheet that has any implementation on this. Would be a perfect addition to our Pattern Library .