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DnD 5e Organized Play - DM recruitment

Hey! So I hope there are some folks out there stoked about 5e, and the launch of Adventurer's League, which is the organized play system. In order to help facilitate roll20 AL games a few of us created a online group called DnD Adventurer's League Online Collective and we have few games that players have already organized and are going to happen on roll20. In order to maintain a healthy community, its important to have a good DM to player ratio, and so in order to get more games going for players in various timezones, I'm here to ask you if you are interested in joining and DMing some games here on roll20? We've got 85 players and growing at a rate of about 2-3 per day. I expect that there are more than a few latent DMs that are just returning to DnD because of 5e's release that might just not be familiar with with roll20, and so I expect more people will take on that role. We've got a lot of resources that we can share, including fillable PDF character sheets, community made maps, adventure logs, links to relevant material so you can figure out AL quickly. We have people that can set a whole campaign up for you to run. PM if you are interested, or feel free to join the group and message me there.
Are you guys planning on using a unified character sheet? Want me to finalize it? If someone is able to work out the finalized in game resources (other than character sheet), and the DMs agree to a API training session, perhaps we can piece this together? That is if you guys are interested in my advanced character sheet which I can personalize for the group. I would be willing to DM, I think i joined on the site, but I'm not sure what else I have to do? Is there going to be anything other than the Google Group used?
If we went with a custom sheet and didn't get it roll20 approved, it would just require a mentor to start any groups / co-dm. Thoughts? If I specialized a sheet, you could work with Riley, I imagine if it would probably meet the conditions for worthy of being separate from Actoba's generic 5e sheet.
I'm currently running a 4e game, but am interested in helping out if I can (no promises, have a full time job, married, and full time school)
Thanks Casey. I assume you meant helping out with DMing since you don't seem to have access to the API. Have you checked out 5e? Or are you strictly 4e at the moment?
Forum Champion
Nice set up Ari. I'm thinking about joining for DM'ing. But I am going to finish reading Basic PDF, and play as a player in one of my DM's test game of 5E, before I commit to this. I currently DM AD&D 2nd Edition, and Basic Fantasy RPG. I've puchased the D&D 5E Starter Set and got the 5E Basic PDF.
Well, doesn't hurt to join. Already a few games scheduled on there. Looks like 5e isn't a bear to DM, which is awesome and will keep ratios pretty healthy.
Ari K. said: Thanks Casey. I assume you meant helping out with DMing since you don't seem to have access to the API. Have you checked out 5e? Or are you strictly 4e at the moment? I've looked into 5e a bit, but don't really have the time to learn a new system right now, so I'm going to run a few onshots to help people learn 4e and roll 20 ect... but if you guys need extra help or anything feel free to call on me.