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Exploding dice and reroll


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Hello, First of all, i'm pretty sure there should be an answer to my question somewhere on the forum, but I couldn't find it, so please excuse me if this question is redundant. I'm trying to make rolls with exploding dices and rerolls. This is similar to what you'd encounter in l5r 4E. I want to roll exploding dices and reroll on ones. The problem i'm encountering is that when a die explode, if the subsequent added roll is a 1, the die is dropped and rerolled altogether even though it shouldn't. Here's an example of the unwanted behaviour: The first one is rerolled correctly, then we've got a double explosion (6->6->1) but it's dropped instead of being kept because the last die rolled is a 1. I tried 1d6r!! and got the same result, is there any way to get my expected result ? EDIT I've seen that most post about this issue ended with no real answer, but most of them are quite old so maybe there's still hope ? Any workaround would do.
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Sadly theres no hope. Roll20 dice haven't changed in any way that affects this.