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Group Whispers

Being able to chain a list of player/character names and send whispers in one pass instead of having to use a message mule character.
Seeing you are a Pro subscriber, Adam C., there is a script which allows you to whisper to multiple people. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> DiscreteWhisper Concept Abstract : DiscreteWhisper is a way to send a single whispered message to multiple recipients while simultaneously giving groups of recipients more or less of that message. Buttons (referencing api script command lines, character abilities, or macros) can also be included, and can also be limited to some/all of the recipients. Example Use Case : Larry, Moe, and Curly failed to detect an illusion trap and now need to make a perception check. Larry was the most affected by the trap's illusion spell. The GM wants to send a whispered message to all while giving a slightly altered version to Larry. Moe and Curly should receive the message: "There are five jewels on the table. You find it hard to focus on them." At the same time, Larry should receive the message: "There are five jewels on the table. A small child holds a sixth jewel near the far wall." The player who is playing Larry should not know that s/he has received a different message from the other characters. The GM would enter: !w --Larry|Curly|Moe --There are five jewels on the table. {{aside|Moe|Curly}}You find it hard to focus on them.{{aside|Larry}}A small child holds a sixth jewel near the far wall.
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