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Tokens visible only to specific players

Does anyone know a workaround to create tokens that are only visible to some players on the map? There has been discussion about how to manage invisibility and "see invisibility" using transparent token, aura and token permissions but how about making visible tokens? In a future campaign I'm going to have a place which is going to contain kind of like illusions / mind games. There are things all PCs see/hear and things that only some can see/hear and I don't want the players to know what others can see/hear if at all possible to increase the level of immersion and quality of roleplaying. Some of this can be achieved through secret messages but some of it can't. For example if a PC wants to go to CC with a creature which isn't on the VTT the player can automaticall know that it's not real or if I bring that token to the VTT I need to tell the rest of the players that they can't see it which would actually work better considering immersion (the players don't know to whome I have said they can't see it) but could become problematic if and probably when multiple "illutions" are at work simultaneously. Has anyone tried anything similar in Roll20?
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
Alex L. talked with someone about this a few months ago on the boards. I think the final solution they came up with was having the map duplicated across several pages, with each player on their own page. They then posited an API script that would keep everything in sync across the different pages, save for some specially tagged tokens that remained only on certain pages. I don't believe such a script was ever created though.