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Initiative tracker tracking what characters took reactions

I feel the Initiative tracker could be updated where you can see who used their reaction as well as other things. Like tracking effects, could have counters on the initiative tracker able to add a simple label and put how many rounds it would last. so if a spell lasts a minute you can put on the characters initiave actually in the pop out box click their name, add counter, number of rounds, name it done. and just a little "R" you can check on the same tracker that they used their reaction and it goes away the next time the tracker comes around to that character.
I haven't used it for people's reaction, but I'm sure it could be done, but I do use the AddCustomTurn API for tracking things like rage, or spells that last 1 minute, etc.  It can add whatever you want to the turn order and then counts down as you forward the turn order. While it would be nice to have it as part of the overall Roll20 platform, I'm happy that osmeone has created an API for that I can use for the task.
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