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[LFP] [AD&D2E] DM looking to start a new adventure. GMT+2

So I am a dude that has been DM'ing for many years, and recently I started playing the old classic AD&D, it got my blood pumping, and my character's blood flowing. Out every orifice. Now I want to do that to you! Okay, jokes aside, I would like to start a new weekly campaign, with a somewhat more serious tone and homebrewed adventures, like all things I do. It will either take place in Forgotten Realms (Since most people would be familiar with that), or my own world of it's own unique lore. A bit about me as a DM: I have done this for well over 10 years, I do a lot of worldbuilding and love creating my own stories and histories and worlds specifically. I tend to make many NPC that does matter and has agency in the world (Note: NOT overshadowing PC's, important distinction). I tend to do around... 60-70% RP-to-combat, though some sessions can be more or less of course. I love when the players have their characters interact both with eachother and with the world, seem to care about the things going on around them, and involve themselves. Also, I am quite against the 'murderhobo' party that is just out killing monsters for no reason, having no family, no friends, no job, no duties... I would seek to help build your character's backstory with you (If you'd let me), to see how he or she has been living up until now, what connections they could have, how they make money, et cetera... Also: I am mostly familiar with AD&D2E, there could be some things I need to check up on in the beginning, but there aren't any major problems. I will however houserule a few things. I will make it easy for any character to roll for non-thief specific skills using their attributes, or attributes divided by half, if it seems like it's something that character wouldn't normally be used to doing. I won't allow the use of all books outside of PHB either, since I don't know most of them, but I will use things like expanded weapon specializations and whatnot. (Basically, if it's in Baldur's Gate, I will allow it. That was my first immersion into this ruleset) Lastly, I'm looking to play on any day between mondays to fridays as it stands currently. It is also possible to do saturdays or sundays, but earlier in the day, like noon, plus/minus a few hours, my timezone.

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I'd be down for anything but Wednesday night, Thursday night, or Sunday night; Texas time.
Im GMT+1 and haven't played 2nd ediiton for MANY years! But I would love to give it a try! :)
Well, there won't be any night time whatsoever in texas time, since I live in europe. It'd be around... Noon, 1pm, at latest.
Lil bump perhaps?
Well damnit
Still looking for a player or two