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Tokens see all the map... again

I was happy to read that the bug where tokens could suddenly see the whole map when moving close to a DL barrier was solved... but this happiness didn't last long as i tried logging on DoMM, and moved along a wall. After 4 moves i suddenly could see it all again... Not really solved i Guess... Is there a real solution ? My DM is fed up resetting the Darknesses... Should he erase my token and drag-drop it again ?
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Can you cite the map and the size of the token? A screen shot of the exact spot would help. That would be helpful for them to test and figure out what might be going wrong.
level 10 mad mage and it happens in various and random positions. grid size 35px
I've found that every single time this has happened where the player was honest and told me, they had one of the many popular free adblocker extensions installed and was the culprit.  Have them whitelist roll20 or live with it I guess.  
no ad blocker here... stylus is the only extension on
Also had this come up in one of my last sessions. No extensions, refreshing solved the issue, but still disappointing to have let a player see the entire dungeon (Including secret rooms) from the get go. We weren't able to reproduce the issue, but aklso I didn't want to hold the session up too much so we didn't try for very long.