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Smart aoe player resistances

Im working with the smart aoe script, and im making one for an enemy, and i noticed this flag  --resistAttr allowing you to use an attribute to determine the damage types of a character that are resisted. My question is, what attr(and its name/area ) should i use for resistances, immunities and  vulnrabilities?
David M.
API Scripter
Technically you can use any value you want, as long as the attribute name entered is the same as the attribute in which the info is stored. That being said, if you want the same macro to work against npcs & pcs then you need to make sure the attribute names match, which will depend on what sheet you are using. In case you are using the 5e by Roll20 sheet, those attributes are: npc_resistances npc_vulnerabilities npc_immunities If that is the case, you actually don't need to add those lines to the macro as the script defaults to checking these attributes against the damage type(s).
Does the player character sheet have the NPC resistance attr?
Nirgel said: Does the player character sheet have the NPC resistance attr? What game and character sheet are you using? E.g. playing D&D 5th edition using the ‘D&D 5E by Roll20’ character sheet, or Pathfinder 2nd Edition using the ‘Pathfinder Second Edition by Roll20’, or some other game and character sheet? Attributes such as ‘npc_resistances’ are character sheet specific, so they will be different for each game and character sheet. 
5th edition by roll 20