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[LFP] [AD&D2E] [Free] DM looking for a few more players for an adventure,

I am starting up an AD&D game and am looking for a couple more members. Beginners and expers alike are welcome, as long as you're up for some good adventures and having fun with the group. It's going to be a mixture of combat and rp, with an edge towards rp. It is a houseruled setting of my own making, with frankly a bit too much lore to put here. If you're interested, I love nothing more than to talk lore and worldbuilding and answer any question you may have. I am not looking for any class or type of player in particular, just as long as you're able to work well in a group and be respectful to the others. While AD&D is a more complicated game than 5E, me and the actual functions of roll20 is going to help greatly, so beginners doesn't need to feel worried. We're going to be playing around noon EST, give or take an hour or so to make as many people as possible able to play. Current avaliable days to play are mondays through fridays.
How many players are you looking for?
About 2-3, and I will want to talk to them in discord before deciding to put them in the group. I want to just see that there's not going to be any obvious problem there that might come out during play. That said, some people decide to message instead of writing here
Bornafide. said: How many players are you looking for? Were you interested in joining?
I was but I got a group of 6 lol.
Hi would a beginner be acceptable?
Hi, I would be interested.. I think we may have played together once in the past? I may be wrong but your handle is familuar - Happy to chat on discord or roll20