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Marvel Multiverse RPG Playtest by Roll20

Nic B.
Roll20 Team
The thread for all things Marvel Multiverse RPG Playtest by Roll20 sheet related. This the place for to collect known issues, bug reports, and see recent changes. Sheet Summary Initial Release Full PC Character sheet Marvel 616 Dice Mechanic Melee & Ranged Combat Rolls Condition Tracker What’s Next? In no particular order: Short Term Drag and Drop Support Whisper to GM toggle Free-form Dice Roller Longer Term Improved dice roll support. How to Report a Bug Use this link to report a bug on Roll20’s Help Center. This is the best way to ensure the problem is seen by our team of sheet authors. When reporting a bug in this thread, please use the templates below. Sheet Issue Template Description of issue: Try being as detailed as possible when writing a description. Documenting the exact steps you've taken will let us follow the same path in trying to replicate & test the issue. Screenshots: A picture is worth a 1,000 words and a Gif 10,000. Feature Request Template Brief Description: A quick summation of the feature, why it is needed and who it would help. Screenshots: Book (Core Rule Book, Bestiary...), page #s

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Feature Request Template Brief Description: Compendium Drag-n-Drop to Character Sheet for Origins, Traits, Powers, Power Sets, etc... Screenshots: None available I would love to know why it isn't drag-and-drop from the compendium? Is that a feature that is coming later? It's not a lot of fun to have to type in EVERYTHING for the Powers, Traits, etc... It is literally the opposite of fun and increases Prep Time for NPCs, etc... exponentially. Is there someone I need to buy a beer to get this added? Please tell me! I'm begging!
Feature Request Template Brief Description: I'm sure Marvel specifies the look and feel of the Character Sheet, but could you add space on each Ability Score to record the ability score cap. The Archtypes, Traits and Powersets all add to caps, and there's no way to record the new cap. It would be ideal if it was automatically calculated, but a place to record it for now would be handy. Screenshots: None available
Brief Description:  I have noticed that when rolling for initiative using the character sheet, if you roll "Marvel" on the die for a characters initiative it adds it to the tracker as "9902"+  is this a glitch or some sort or have i read how it's supposed to work wrong? Screenshot:
Nic B.
Roll20 Team
Hi RedBear, This is definitely a bug, the 99 should have been appended to the tie breaker as part of a special roll! We'll raise a ticket to investigate this.
Brief Description Hello, sorry to be "that guy" again. There seems to be an entire "Attack" section missing within the playtest rule on how attacks are made.. I don't even see "Attack" in the Glossary. Has this section been accidentally omitted? No screenshot

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Brief Description There doesn't seem to be any way to do edge and trouble (i.e. reroll one or more of the dice individually). No screenshot
Nic B. said: Hi RedBear, This is definitely a bug, the 99 should have been appended to the tie breaker as part of a special roll! We'll raise a ticket to investigate this. Just tested this. It seems to be still a bug. 
Will you please either add a Button for Edge/Trouble or at least let us know what is the code we could use for a Macro to roll dMarvel for use with Edges and Trouble. (rolling 1, 2, or 3d616 just by itself?)
Copied from a general thread, because I agree 100% rcbricker  said: The rules state that if an action is adjusted due to an edge or trouble (the net of the two when both apply) that a die or dice are re-rolled.  The rules on karma is that a single karma point can be spent at will to add one edge/trouble to an action/defense.  Adding a sequence of user variables would help to assist in this process. 1.  Player selects appropriate action and presses the resolution button (Fight damage, total action modifier for ability). 2.  A user form pop up window appears asking yes or no on Karma. 3.  A user form pop up window appears asking about edge (already showing a one if Karma was a yes). 4.  DM gets pop up asking about any troubles. 5.  action is rolled. 6.  Pop up appears if edge/trouble was applied before the initiator (edge) or defender (trouble) allowing them to pick the die/dice to be re-rolled. 7.  New roll is calculated. This automation is how combat is intended in the rulebook, it would be very helpful in resolving combat faster than manually handling all of these actions.  
My understanding is way different. Karma is spent after the roll. The number of Edges or Troubles (not both) are applied after the roll. You could feasibly come up with an algorithm to apply Edges or Troubles automagically in the best possible way. That would speed up the game, but it's not how it's written. Generally what's needed is a way to click on a dice in the chat window and re-roll that die with an Edge or Trouble, computing a new result.
I've built a Macro (based on the "Fight Damage" on the sheet) that does not account for Karma, Edges, or Troubles (all of those are after the roll anyway). My Macro lets you select: TN (same as sheet button) Stat to use with the Attack roll (some Powers let you use alternate attack rolls) Fight or Ranged for base n d6 damage. Fight or Ranged for Archetype-based damage bonus. Stat to apply to Damage. This all works GREAT, except for a few small details: 1) The dice images stay as 0s. 2) a 1 on the Marvel Die stays counting as a 1 (rather than being converted to a 6 for calculations) How can I update the macro to adjust for these flaws? Here's teh macro, in case anyone else wants to use it. &{template:mrp-damage} {{name=@{selected|character_name}}} {{title=^{fight_roll}}} {{subtitle=^{attack_roll}}} {{target=[[?{Target's Defense|0}]]}} {{roll=[[3d6+?{Which Ability for Attack Roll?|Might,@{selected|might_action}|Agility,@{selected|agility_action}|Resilience,@{selected|resilience_action}|Vigilence,@{selected|vigilance_action}|Ego,@{selected|ego_action}|Logic,@{selected|logic_action}}[BONUS]]]}} {{damage=[[?{Which dice set?|Fight,@{selected|fight_damage_dice}|Ranged,@{selected|ranged_damage_dice}}+?{Which Modifier?|Fight,@{selected|fight_damage}|Ranged,@{selected|ranged_damage}}+?{Which Ability for Damage Roll?|Might,@{selected|might_action}|Agility,@{selected|agility_action}|Resilience,@{selected|resilience_action}|Vigilence,@{selected|vigilance_action}|Ego,@{selected|ego_action}|Logic,@{selected|logic_action}}[BONUS]]]}} {{roll1=[[0]]}} {{roll2=[[0]]}} {{roll3=[[0]]}} {{damageroll1=[[0]]}} {{damageroll2=[[0]]}} {{damageroll3=[[0]]}}
VampyreBytes That is using edge and trouble through combat though. Actions can still be used outside of combat in which case there is still a issue. Though I do appreciate some kind of temporary solution we need a permanent solution for this before the core rulebook comes out in 2023.
Joella: My Macro doesn't handle Edges or Troubles at all. I have no idea how to go about supporting them at all. This macro is exclusively for Combat with Powers & Traits that allow alternate Abilities for attack and/or Damage. Right now, it can't even handle the Marvel die properly, as that seems to be a Sheet Feature, not a Roll20 feature, like the die images.
The Compendium and Sheet are the worst Roll20 integrations I've used yet. I've used several that were broken in places that were still better than this. There's just so much missing.
VampyreBytes that is still something. I will be giving my friend the macro to input for battles. I am praying Roll20 gets on top of this as soon as possible. Also I have a question for you for the Edge and trouble for the marvel die. 1 is suppose to be the best roll. So how do I calculate the math if it lands on any other number? Marvel didn't really explain the the marvel die very well.
Marvel Die: a 6 = 6, 5 = 5, 4 = 4, 3 = 3, 2 = 2, 1 = MARVEL = 6. (In the Macro, BTW, a 1 = 1, so you have to manually add 5 to your result, *if* the 2nd die is a 1. You can hover over the total to see the dice results.)
Nic B.
Roll20 Team
A quick note: we pushed some changes this morning to resolve a bug and to make a change to the attack mechanics as per the errata that was released today. Changes: Adjusted attack dice mechanics as per errata. Fixed issue with initiative tiebreaker incorrectly calculating.
Nic B. has the edge and trouble been worked out?
Sorry if this is covered somewhere else, I've been searching the interwebs and couldn't find anything.  Has the character sheets changed in regard to attacks? In the thumbnail it shows range damage and fight damage on the character sheets. But when I set up a game there is only an attack button to click on the character sheets
Per @Nic B above on July 11, yes. They updated the Attack area to work with the [new] Errata.
Any news on Drag and Drop support?
Where do I input my archetype?